Our commitment regarding sustainable development

The principles of sustainable development are part of SLB Medical's business strategy and cover three areas:

1 – Provide associates with a safe, wholesome and efficient work environment

SLB Médical aims to:

seek a better gender balance: supporting the professional development of staff without any discrimination,
promote staff equality and open-mindedness: relationship with management at an international level,
make skills transfer easier and quicker: designate training needs, skills management, and both professional and geographical mobility,
promote motivation and involvement of every associate through: a flexible structure favouring responsibility and initiative, skills recognition and each employee's input (skills matrix and personal annual review), active communication to share the company's goals in
complete transparency (management review) .

2 – Protect life and environment

SLB Médical takes an active role with its staff to:

protect their health and ensuring their safety at work: by means of a management matrix and action aimed at preventing risks regarding health and workplace safety;
design new products in an environmentally-friendly manner, and intensify recourse to life cycle assessment, by using recyclable packing cardboard for example,
develop and implement a policy to reduce carbon emissions: ride-shares,
optimize the logistics process: sharing logistics resources in physical flows, and in supply and in production, constant communication between clients and logistics coordinators.

3 – Be part of innovation in the health sector

SLB Médical designs and offers its clients medical devices in the fields of infusion, enteral nutrition, parenteral nutrition and collection of biological fluids. Our goal is to provide our clients with innovative solutions, meeting explicit and implicit needs, to reduce the risk linked to the use of the product, both for the technician and for the end user, by reducing PVC devices in favour of materials more suitable for patients.
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