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SLB Médical catalogue - version : 2021


Report of weekly manufacturing process validation of parenteral nutrition bags on BAXA EM2400 compounding system with SLB BAG TPN bags (SLB Medical). F. Vetele, Pharmacy Service, Hospital Woman Mother Child, Eastern hospital complex.

Report of the stability study of the parenteral nutrition mixtures in single compartmentalized SLB Bag made of polypropylene. A. Raja 1, 2 , F. Vetele 3 , C. Malcu 4 , E. Diouf 1 , L. Tall 1 , C. Pivot 1 , F. Pirot 1, 5
1 : pharmacy, Edouard Herriot hospital
2 : SLB Médical
3 : pharmacy service, Woman Mother Child Hospital, Eastern hospital complex,
4 : immunology service, Edouard Herriot hospital complex
5 : Industrial Galenic pharmacy's Research and Development laboratory, Faculty of Pharmacy, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University

New device for the secured and maximized administration of solid oral forms with enteral nutrition feeding tube. D. Salmon 1, C. Bouvat-Martin 1, E. Diouf 1, M.-L. Tall 1, J. Evrard 1, E. Gasperi 1, C. Loue 1, C. Pivot 1, J.-C. Vogler 2, F. Pirot 1.
1 : pharmacy service, Edouard Herriot hospital, Lyon
2 : INRESA, Bartenheim

Comparative study of transfer systems used for chemotherapy preparation in pharmacy service. J. Lignon, M. Berge, I. Fradi, C. Tolla-Le Port, A-M. Belliard, J-L. Pons, J-M. Descoutures.
pharmacy service, Victor Dupouy hospital, Argenteuil

Material impact study on Naropin after injection into Balloonjector 300 and standing days. Nariyuki liboshi, Mechanics Group, Development Headquarters.

Implementation of a system of assessment of technicians in a pharmacy service

Report about the multi-connections of the Halkey Roberts valve


Instructions about the PillDrink® pill grinding device:

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